Annual Dinner

Join us for an evening of Mediterranean Fare, Wine Tasting & Live Auction!

NH JAG invites you to enjoy good food by Chef Pasquale Celone, good wine by Pine State Beverage and a live auction by PK Zyla.  All money raised for the event will support NH JAG, a statewide program supporting high school students’ success.

Tickets are $50 per person or purchase a table for $350.

For more information call 603-647-2300 or email info@nh-jag.org.

Dinner flyer


About NH JAG

Welcome teens, parents, employers, policy-makers and those interested in empowering today’s youth to attain personal success in school, work and life.

New Hampshire Jobs for America’s Graduates (NH-JAG) is a statewide program for youth who seek to make the most of their high school education and pursue career and postsecondary educational interests. Through three distinct Programs, NH-JAG facilitates learning, skill development and community involvement empowering these young adults to identify their goals and to define and follow a productive path within which to achieve those goals.

As part of a strong, national JAG Network, NH-JAG teaches young adults academic and workplace competencies. Through comprehensive and proven practices, New Hampshire youth experience the value of a high school education while also developing teamwork, leadership, community service, and workplace skills to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the world beyond school. By participating in the NH-JAG program, young people across the state are building leadership skills, exploring career opportunities, discovering personal strengths, gaining confidence and taking pride in their personal achievements.

The positive impact made possible by the NH-JAG program is evidenced by the many students who have participated and, as a result, are enjoying rewarding careers and are pursuing further academic training. Our goal is to expand and continue to serve these vital young adults who will become the leaders of our communities in the future. We invite you to Contact Us with questions or to learn more about our programs.

NH JAG Annual Dinner Event

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