It is simply impossible to measure all of the positive outcomes that come about when a young adult discovers their unique talents and gains the confidence and self-assurednes to succeed in school, pursue a personally rewarding career, and become a vital contributor in society.

What can be measured and what is truly impressive are the performance outcomes that are meticulously tracked and consistently achieved across the national network. For example:

  • 90% Graduation Rate where participants earn a high school diploma or GED Certificate
  • 80% Positive Outcome Rate where graduates attain employment, enroll in a postsecondary institution or serve in the military
  • 80% Placement Rate where graduates are engaged in full-time employment, full-time military, or combine a postsecondary education with employment

This level of success is no accident and is instead, the result of the following core components:

Employer Leadership

NH-JAG depends on the proactive involvement of New Hampshire’s private sector in a variety of ways including serving on the board and in advisory capacities; volunteering as classroom presenters and competitive event judges; contributing as event sponsors and other donations; and in providing valuable career opportunities for program participants.

Outcome Focused

The primary focus of NH-JAG is to empower young adults to discover their gifts and to capitalize on their talents. Through this process, each individual may grow to become valuable citizens and productive contributors to the social and economic framework that makes New Hampshire a great place to live, work and raise a family.


NH-JAG board and staff are held personally accountable for the academic and career success of graduates.


NH-JAG is cost-effective at an average expense of under $2,000 per program participant. This investment is more than returned in taxes alone over a 14 to 18 month period when graduates of the program engage in full time employment.