Annual Events


 March             Bobby Stephens St. Patrick’s Day Event

An annual fundraising event and celebration welcoming members of the community, students, alumni, staff, board members and others around building NH JAG scholarship funds and celebrating program achievements.

April                 Career Development Conference

An annual statewide competition involving NH JAG graduating students whereby scheduled events facilitate student demonstrations in areas of career awareness, communication, creativity, decision making, public speaking, team challenges, employability skills and interviewing.  Representatives of the business community and members of state government serve as volunteers and event judges offering advice and further support to all participants.

May                   Non-Senior Student Conference

An annual statewide competition involving NH JAG non-senior level students whereby each participating High School demonstrates and is judged on team building, sportsmanship, creativity and self-challenging skills.


June                 End of School Year Assessment & Counseling

A formal process whereby NH JAG Youth Specialists provide ongoing assistance and counseling to participating students to assure solid connections to work, military or postsecondary education/training pursuits.  Participating employers are also engaged relative to students who may be employed by them.  Non-seniors are enrolled in summer youth programs where academics, pre-employment and work maturity skills training and learning is provided.

 July                  National Training Seminar

A national Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) training program designed for new NH JAG Youth Specialists.  Events focus on service delivery and performance outcomes including best practices, use of technology, data management and decision making.  State and local affiliates are also recognized for outstanding performance.

 September    New School Year Program Implementation

Student curriculum begins including development of academic schedules, election of Professional Career Association Chapter officers, fundraising events and community service projects.  Students participate in Civic Awareness, Social Awareness, Career Preparation, Community Service and Leadership Development while developing skills to prepare for post-secondary education, military and career pursuits.

 October          Leadership Conference

A statewide event for NH JAG Professional Career Association Chapters and officers whereby training is provided and three students are elected as state representatives to fulfill respective roles.

                            Initiation and Installation Ceremony

A formal ceremony whereby students are inducted into their Career Association Chapters.  Fellow students, parents, family members, staff and board members are welcome to attend.

 December      National JAG Leadership Conference

An annual and national JAG event held in Washington, DC whereby elected NH JAG students attend and participate in leadership activities, competitions and other activities with students from across the country.  A formal luncheon provides unique opportunities to meet politicians, prominent corporate leaders and JAG supporters.