The national JAG Model provides performance standards and best practices for serving young people from ages 13 to 24. NH-JAG focuses on the following three distinct program models, which help to empower New Hampshire youth with strengthening their ties to school and planning for the future:

1) Middle School Model

2) Multi-Year High School Model

3) Out-of-School Model

Middle School Model

The Middle School Model was developed in an effort to assist students to stay engaged/connected, to promote students’ academic and social success and to assist them in improving their leadership and team membership skills.  Instruction is based on experiential-based and community-based learning.  The ultimate goal is to prepare students for a more successful high school transition.  The JAG Specialist continues to support students through their first year in high school.  JAG serves 25-30 students in a year-round program.

Multi-Year High School Model

The focus is to support students in their academic achievements and to give them opportunities to develop leadership skills through Career Association activities, community service and social events.  We prepare them to enter the workforce and pursue post-secondary education or training.  We continue to support students for a full year after graduation.  Each program serves up to 45 students per year.

Out-of-School Model

The primary objectives of the out-of-school model is to re-engage students aged 16-24 to complete requirements to earn a GED certificate and be placed in an entry level job leading to a career and/or pursuing a post secondary education.  All participants in this program are also given the opportunity to earn an occupational skills certificate.