Venture Mentoring Program

Because you participate in the NH-JAG program, you have access to a new kind of game that is designed to show you many of the steps it takes to go into business for yourself or begin to pursue the career of your dreams.

 The game is called the 10-Step Venture Mentoring Program because there are 10 different levels in the game to play and you will receive help from an experienced business mentor every step of the way! Each level presents different activities that you get to participate in before moving on to the next level of the game.

 The objective is to have fun imagining yourself doing something that you love to do and making money at it as either your own boss or part of an employee team.

How to Play

To being playing the 10-Step Venture Mentoring game, get in touch with your NH-JAG Program or Youth Specialist. She/he will then take you through the following steps:

    1. How to Register for the game
    2. Review with you the beginning of the game
    3. Walk you through the first activity
    4. Provide you with an email address where you can…
      • Send questions about the game that may come up along the way
      • Send copies of your game forms

These emails will be forwarded to an experienced business mentor who will respond by sending you clues, answers and information that will help you as you continue to play the game. You may also be introduced to someone who knows a lot about the business or position that you’re interested in so that you can find out even more about it.

  1. Your Program Specialist will be available for questions or help as you continue to play the whole game
How to Win

While each activity reveals another series of clues about how to start and succeed in your own business or career choice, there are many different ways to play the game.

Winning depends on how serious you are when you play each part of the game. If you really do think a particular career path or going into business for yourself is appealing and you have an idea about what you love to do, the game should ultimately provide you with everything you need to actually get started. All you have to do is:

  • Play,
  • Ask questions, and
  • Take advantage of all of the information that you are provided with.

What could be a better prize than doing what you love, loving what you do and having people pay you for it?

 It’s your life. Live it consciously and enjoy the game!