Students & Entrepreneurship

What if I could start my own rock band?
What if I could be a fashion consultant?
What if I could sell my video game ideas?
What if I could produce my own music CD?
What if I could make money fixing other people’s computers?
What if I could talk to someone about my business ideas?

 What if there were no limits to your ideas and dreams? What if there was a way for you to play a game that let you test out ideas about what you might want to do as a career, or as your own boss making money selling your own products, services, talents or inventions?

 As a NH-JAG student, that game exists today and you can play. It’s easy, it’s on the web and you’ll have help along the way from your NH-JAG Program Specialist and an experienced virtual business adviser.

 Also cool, is that by the end of the game you’ll have put together most of the stuff that you’ll need to pursue your career interests or actually start your own business!

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